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Best Beach Cruiser Electric Bike eAhora 26 Inch for Adults

Eahora 26″ is a top-class beach cruiser electric bike. The most fashionable and strengthened e-bike for you to enjoy beach biking. We longed for the peace e-bike brings to our lives, it was gradually considered a green alternative to damaging the environment automobiles. Eahora made high quality and cost-effective electric beach Cruiser bicycle with 36V 10.4Ah removable lithium battery e-bike for adults’ men and women so that, more and more people will be able to engage in healthy living.

beach cruiser electric bike
Beach Cruiser Electric Bike

More and more people will enjoy the ease, enjoyment, and conservation of the environment that low-carbon cycling brings with it. Also, it has 350W Motor, E-PAS Recharge System 7 Speed, etc. Let’s check it out the full configuration of this Eahora beach cruiser electric bike –

  • SHENGYI 350W rear-drive motor
  • 36V 10.4AH hidden Samsung lithium battery
  • Intelligent digital display and controller
  • 3 modes: ECO, twisting, throttle
    1. Power mode
    2. PAS mode: Pedaling under ECO mode but without twisting the throttle.
    3. SPORT mode: Pedaling with your own power.
  • Thumb throttle, 5W bright headlight
  • E-PAS system
  • 80% pre-assembled
  • 24 hours of online support

More features beach cruiser electric bike:


  • Harley shaped alloy frame
  • Rust-proof material
  • Matt black painting


  • Tektro mechanical disc brakes
  • Responsive braking power
  • 180mm rotors


  • Kenda dedicated beach tires for ultimate comfort
  • Excellent road grip to enhance safety


  • Shimano derailleur for smoother shifting
  • Single-handed gear operation


  • Stable and adjustable.
  • Offering absolute power when you cruise the area.


  • Secure the rear derailleur and the gear against falling damage.


  • Spring shock absorption.
  • Solid saddle allows for better ricing.
  • Providing enough space for the driver to travel around.


  • Adjustable to endorse various lengths of the arm and a more laid back riding stance.
  • Ergonomic handlebar grips for support on long distances.


Stable and flexible front fork with aluminum shoulder plate. The customized soft and wide seat is fitted with spring shock absorbers to make cycling experience more comfortable. Ultra bright and incredibly stable headlight for night time trips provides great visibility and illumination.

Seat and handle height adjustable, you will always find the most suitable movement to enjoy traveling. For those over 5’3 “Adjustable height. Upgrading of the hydraulic disk brakes from conventional drum brakes, higher cost but immediate impact with shorter brake distance and stop falling over for emergency brake.

Warranty and Guarantee:

  • 1 year for all electronic parts.
  • 2 years for the bike frame.
  • 5 months 100% free replacement for tires, brake pads, chains.

Beach cruiser electric bike details:

Weight: 62 pounds

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Eahora Beach Cruiser Bike Electric FAQ:

Frequently Questioned Answers!

Can it use the thumb throttle in off place while the peddle assist is in?

No, the thumb throttle does not operate the rear-wheel motor when either the key to the battery is off, or the peddle assist controller is set to zero. This thumb throttle can only be used in ECO mode.

Is it so hard or challenging to assembly?

It’s 80% pre-assembled and so easy to complete with how-to guide and online live support.

Dose it got fat tires?

No, not yet.

May I put a bigger sitting saddle on it?

Tall, soft saddle with spring shock absorbers used by beach cruiser electric bike. If you need to change it, you can of course change it.

Where is eAhora sales center is located?

eAhora sales center is located in CA, make sure the fastest delivery.

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