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50 Best Bike U Lock With Cable and Different Kinds of Locks

Bike U Lock
50 Best Bike U Lock

Before we to the Bike U Lock reviews, I want to share a short memory about the beginning stage of bike riding in my life.

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Nostalgia often brings out the joyful memories of our lives. One vivid memory I can recall was when I was a toddler.

It was a beautiful day. My dad stood watching as I rode my bike.

The bike was a tiny, yellow-colored bike with a cute little basket. Riding the bike was so much fun that the rattling sound of the training wheels did not bother me.

Sometimes, my dad would ‘chase’ me, pretending as if it was hard to keep up. Of course, in my young mind, I was super swift while my dad was painfully slow.

When not in use, the bike was kept in our yard. But one day, a shady looking guy set foot in our fenceless backyard.

He grabbed the bike and tried to take off. One of our alert neighbors caught sight of it. He tried to chase him. But the burglar managed to flee.

Yeah. That how’s the object of my first real memory was taken away from me. Oh boy, did it hurt!

Thankfully, now there are high-quality bike locks you can use to keep it safe. Other than that, follow some basic prevention methods. Place your bikes in an area with a CCTV.

It will make it easier to recover your bike in case of theft. Try not to leave your bikes unattended for long periods. Park it in a well-lit place and attach them to stationary objects like poles.


They are also known as D locks. It is a heavy-duty bike lock. Bike U lock provides more security than others. These U-shaped bike locks are made using dense, high-quality steel.

They are pretty much corrosion and water-resistant. They come with an efficient u lock mount. Plus, they are reasonably priced.

Bike u lock is so reliable that many models come with an anti-theft guarantee. It is perhaps the best lock for a bicycle.


  1. Cable locks
  2. Handcuff locks
  3. Chain lock
  4. Bike u lock


 Cable locks are perhaps the most common bike locks. However, they are not that secure. In fact, a study has shown that there are more chances of bike theft occurring if it’s locked with a chain lock, as opposed to others.

They are constructed using several thin fibers of steel which are bunched together and shoved into a plastic casing. Even the most durable chain locks follow the same structure.

They are so commonplace that thieves expect you to use a chain lock. Accordingly, they come prepared with a standard cable cutter. Using the tool they can easily scrape the plastic coating.

Lo and behold, the cable slices into two parts. And off they flee with your bike, happily riding away into the sunset.

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Fine, I won’t completely disregard them, since you can use them as a secondary lock mechanism. They can be attached to your bike along with a primary lock like the bike u lock.

It will give you additional security. They don’t corrode easily due to the plastic coating. Many chain locks come with a combination lock. It has a 4 digit password dialer.

But the passcode is irreversible. So, make sure to remember the password. Or else it will be you sawing away the cable, instead of the thief.


Now we are talking. These locks are almost impossible to cut. This pair of handcuffs is also called a street cuff lock.

The feature that makes these different from the rest is its push-button mechanism. It’s a keyless mechanism. No more worrying about misplacing the keys.

Thieves want an easy target. These locks look so unusual that thieves will have a hard time figuring it out.

You can attach one end to a bike and the other to a stationary post. It is a heavy-duty bike lock. Even though they are made up of laminated steel, they are not bulky at all.

The cuffs are around 3” and length can be up to 55cm. They come with a link that can easily rotate. The rivets are hard to pull apart. The lock puts up a good resistance against fire.


As the name suggests, it is made using chain-like linkages. They are made up of tough steel, so it’s harder to cut with cutting tools.

Choose a good quality padlock as standard ones give in easily. Due to the flexibility of the chains, you can twist and turn them while attaching to your bike.

They are heavier than cable locks. Due to the metal structure, there is a slight possibility of it ruining your bike’s paint. They are comparable with bike u lock in terms of safety.


We had seen its features earlier on. According to a survey conducted, the bike u lock has the slightest risk of theft, when compared to other locks. In short, a bike u lock is a great option.


Use this information only in situations where you forgot the passcode or misplaced the key etc.


Combination locks usually have a 4 number of spaced, rotating digits. Each digit has 0-9 values. Like 1st digit will have 0-9 values, the 2nd digit will have 0-9 value and so on.

If we use permutation it will be 10^4= 10000 number of the combination. That means if a thief were to pick your lock, he would need to try 10000 combinations!

Then only he will figure the correct passcode. So, it’s very secure, right? Not really.

Many Combination locks can still be picked easily. Wondering how?
  • Hold the combination lock in your hand. The closed plastic side should be on your left-hand side while the small metal part on your right.
  • Rotate the 1st digit from 0 to 9, while tugging the right side part each time. If the value you entered is correct, it will fall in place correctly. So could notice a slight gap between the spaces separating the digits.
  • Do the same with the 2nd digit. Keep rotating the values while pulling the right side. The value which makes a tiny gap might be the correct one.
  • Do this with the 3rd and 4th digits as well. Hopefully, the combination you chose will be correct.


Unless you are talking about a state of the art padlock, common key locks give in easily. They are so ridiculously easy to pick that even little kids can do it.

You need two things to pick it- a torsion pick and a lock pick.

  • Torsion pick is a small, L shaped tool used to apply force. Lock pick comes in different shapes like fork, spiral, etc. Choose one which suits your lock.
  • Slide in the lock pick on the top of the lock. Apply pressure after placing the torsion pick on the bottom of the lock. Then, move the lock pick in and out until the lock has been picked.


If nothing works, you may as well cut it. But before proceeding with it, keep in mind that it will ruin your lock. You can use tools like a cable cutter to do the deed.


  • Before you learn how to lock your bike, you need to understand some key parts of a bicycle. A standard bike will have some main components. Front and rear wheel, tubular frames, the post under the bike seat, spoke, rim, etc.       
  • Many people make the mistake of locking only the front wheel of the bike to the pole. It’s a no-no. Thieves can strip off the bike, leaving the wheel behind, attached to the pole. Even without a lock cutter, they can still loosen the nuts of the rim and flee with your bike’s body.
  •  Frames are cylindrical tubes that form the skeleton of your bike. They are the horizontal or slanting tubes that run across the bike. They provide structure and connect the different components with each other. Don’t do the rookie mistake of attaching only the frame with the pole. A thief can still flee with the bike.
  •  To make your bike more secure, lock the frame and at least one wheel together. Many bikes now come with a quick-release system. It is a kind of lever, using which wheels can be easily removed. The downside is that thieves can find it easier to steal your bike. To prevent this, lock both your wheels. It’s best to use two u locks. If not, use one u lock and a cable lock.
  • Use a bike u lock to tie the mainframe and one of the wheels around an immovable post.
  • The best place to lock your bike is a bike rack. They are fixed on the ground. So, it’s safer than a pole.
  • If there are other bikes in the area, park your bicycle near theirs. There will be less chance of your bike being the target. If possible carry the bike with you inside the building rather than leaving it on the street.

Now, Let’s Review Some Bike U Lock:


USHAKE is a company well known for manufacturing outdoor products. The U lock they supply has an interesting design, which is different from the rest. It has a resettable combination lock. The U lock has an attractive black colored finish. The finishing is done using a rustproof coating.

They are ranked around 11th position in the bike U lock category. USHAKE provides excellent customer service. If the product is damaged, you’ll get a 30-day money-back guarantee. The delivery time may range from 4-10 days.

They also give a 6-month warranty, including a refund policy. However, if it was purchased outside the manufactured country, shipping costs need to be paid by the customer.

  • The USHAKE lock does not need a key.
  • Reset cover: Customers can reset the combination lock of this model. But to avoid thieves taking undue advantage of it, it has a cover. It can be removed with a screw.
  • They are constructed using heavy-duty materials that can provide protection against many cutters.
  • The shackle is 10 mm long. It is close-fitting for added security.
  • The lock doesn’t work sometimes. It is reliable enough.


This bike u lock brand has more than 4 stars on Amazon. It is a great option for people who don’t want to spend too much, yet need a decent lock. Besides, it looks appealing.

It is coated with shiny, black colored paint. Then the product is covered with a glaze of scratch-proof gel. The materials used for its production are Zinc and alloy steel.

So they have high tensile strength. It weighs around 1.25 pounds. The lock is covered in a waterproof, corrosion-free film. They also provide a clear colored mount hold.

It comes with an additional spare key made using laser technology. To use it, bind the u lock with the frame skeleton and the tires. They also offer a full refund policy.

  • It is a leading lock at an affordable price.
  • It offers good protection works even with the bike’s quick-release system
  • Durable and heavy-duty, so a good option for anti-theft protection
  • Besides standard bikes, Dinoka locks can be used for folding bikes and  mountain bike as well
  • The mount cable is 4 feet long, which is on the shorter side.


The ‘LS here stands for- long shackle. This bike u lock model can be used for huge bikes. Due to the length, it may be possible to lock two small-sized bikes as well.

The width is around 4.53 inches while the height is 11 inches. It has a diameter of 0.51 inches.

They provide 4 regular keys and one LED key. The model uses a sturdy, double bolt mechanism for more security. You will get a mounting cable along with it which can be used to hold the lock while riding.

  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Works well with quick-release bikes
  • The key-lock design is not much durable.


This bike lock ranks around #4 in Amazon bike U lock. It is a dependable U lock with a heavy duty-design.

The thickness is 16mm with 14mm strong metal and 2mm coating. It comes with a secure cable of 1200mm, which is long enough. SIGTUNA bike lock has a little red button that you can use to attach the mount to the bike.

But if you have a folding bike, the mounting feature may not be much useful. The company offers a 100% refund policy if you don’t like the product. They also provide a 3-year warranty.

  • Effectiveness: It makes use of a double deadlock mechanism.
  • Strength: It’s really thick and heavy, standard wire cutters are not a threat to it.
  • Comes with 3 spare keys.
  • Lock quality: A common issue with the SIGTUNA bike lock is its faulty lock and key design. The lock frequently jams or freezes, especially after regular use.


Kryptonite is perhaps the most famous brand in the world of bicycle locks. They manufacture a wide variety of U locks.

Simple or heavy-duty, cheap or expensive, ordinary U lock or unsurpassed U lock, they have it all.

Kryptonite also has a dedicated website where details about their products can be found. 

The model Kryptonite Keeper is designed for standard security purposes. So, if you live in a low-risk area or do not leave your bike unattended for a long time, this is the best option for you. 

The lock is 8 inches long and 4 inches wide if you look at the inner dimension. The shackle thickness is not very strong at 12mm. But then again, this lock comes under the standard category.

Kryptonite Keeper offers a lifetime warranty. They have an innovative offer called Key Safe Program wherein you will get two free replacement keys free of cost. You need to prior register for that program.

Another offer they provide is the Anti Theft Protection warranty. If your bike’s stolen, the brand will repay you $500 but availing of this warranty is not an easy task. 

  • Best for moderate security needs
  • Offers Key safe program
  • Anti-rotation system
  • Often, the lock-key design freezes up or stops working

6. Master Lock 8170D U Lock:

To avoid damage to the bike, the Steel body of the lock is covered in Vinyl coating. The length is 9.8 inches while the width is 7.3 inches, so it’s bigger than the kryptonite one.

Similar to the SIGTUNA U lock, it has a shackle of 13mm that comes with a double locking mechanism. It includes a carrier bracket for easy mounting.

 The master bike u lock comes with two keys. In case you lose both of them, you can have a new one made by giving the key number to the manufacturer.

  • If you are wondering, “Are there affordable bike locks near me?” this lock might be for you. At around $15, it is perhaps the cheapest U lock you can find.
  • It has a disk detainer lock for added security.
  • Less secure than other locks


The shackle is 13mm long, which is an average-thickness U lock for a bike. It can resist many wire cutting tools. It comes under the mini category so the length is 3.27 inches while the height is 7 inches. The cable is 4″ long.

It has a 1-year Anti-Theft offer of up to $2,500. But, to take advantage of the offer, you need to pay extra and provide proofs like a picture of the broken lock.

Kryptonite Evolution includes 3 laser cut keys, one of which has a LED light and a fob. The Key Safe offer is given here as well. Double deadbolts mean your bike will be twice as secure.

  • Have anti-rotation features to ensure more security.
  • Picking or breaking the lock will be difficult as it is on the smaller side.
  • More expensive

8. Kryptonite New York Standard Bicycle U Lock:

Let’s see another well-known model from Kryptonite.

 It has a heavy-duty body with a 16mm shackle. Almost all of the kryptonite products come with an Anti-Theft Protection offer.

The New York model does too. It has two regular keys and one fob key. The model also includes a Key Safe program where you will get two key delivered free of cost if you lose the original ones.

It is a decent size at 8 inches in length and 4 inches width dimension. It has an anti-pick disk cylinder that is a rage nowadays in the bike U lock market. It comes with a lifetime warranty.

  • It is of top-notch quality with a trendy design.
  • Provides a good level of security against theft.
  • The body may rust easily if it comes in contact with rain frequently.


This U lock bike model is painted using an alluring black and steel color finish. The size is standard.

The dimension of the inner structure is 4″ x 9″. It provides a moderate level of security. KryptoLok is made of double deadbolt so it is twice as secure.

It has an anti-rotation crossbar for remarkable sturdiness. It weighs around 3.65 lbs. The model offers a lifetime warranty, a Key Safe program, and an Anti-theft warranty.

  • The design makes use of double deadbolts.
  • It is a good option if you want a U lock that is not too expensive but provides reasonable security at the same time.
  • Faulty lock system which can be unreliable at times.

10. Kryptonite New York LS Bike U Lock

It is similar to the New York Standard lock model. The difference is their size. This model is called Kryptonite New York ‘LS’ Bike. The LS stands for- longer shackle.

So, if you have a large bike, this model will suit your needs.  The dimension of this bike u lock is 4 inches by 10.25 inches. It looks attractive with a yellow and black coating.

  • It is heavy and sturdy
  • The shackle is long.
  • It doesn’t have a mounting bracket.


The Amazer bike U lock has a distinctive design. It looks trendy with a shiny black colored finish.

The model uses a combination lock. You can reset the combination passcode only if you remember the previous one. The total thickness of this lock is 16mm, with a 12mm strong shackle.

It is 8.96 inches wide and 5.74 inches long. The inner dimension is around 6.50 x 4.99 inches. The body is covered in PVC coating to avoid scratches to the bike. They offer a 12-month warranty.

  • Affordable price
  • Keyless design
  • It doesn’t come with a bike mount.


This heavy-duty model provides good security against standard cutters and key pick attempts. The zinc cylinder steel and the silicone coated body make the model sturdy.

The bike U lock model is value for money. It puts up tough resistance against hydraulic sheering machines. They provide a spare key as well.

  • It can resist around 12-ton hydraulic cutting.
  • The model also gives a 5ft long steel cable covered in PVC coating, to lock your bike
  • The lock inside the mounting bracket is angled to the side, which can brush against the leg while riding.


It is a mini U lock model. The finish is an attractive orange, black, and silver in color. They offer Anti-theft protection and Key Safe programs. It has a supreme double looped cable.

The body is finished with Vinyl coating for scratch resistance. The sturdy shackle is 13mm long. This model’s cylinder has an innovative disc-style design.

  • It is a heavy-duty model.
  • It offers good protection against theft.
  • The key and the lock are prone to jamming.

14. DINOKA U Cable Bike Lock

15. SIGTUNA Bicycle U-Lock

16. Kryptonite New York Bicycle U-Lock

17. Thinvik Bike U Lock & Cable

18. Kryptonite Evolution Series-4 LS

19. OnGuard Pitbull STD U-Lock

20. Kryptonite Kryptolok Long Shackle U-Lock

21. Kryptonite Kryptolok Mini-7 12.7mm U-Lock

22. Manual Transport Bike U Lock

23. ONGUARD Bulldog STD Bike U-Lock

24. Kryptonite Kryptolok Standard 12mm U-Lock

25. OnGuard (8009) Bulldog LS U-Lock

26. OnGuard Double-Team PITBULL Bike U-Lock and Cable

27. Schlage 999232 Extra Large eBike U-Lock

28. Seatylock Pentagon Pure Bike U Lock

29. Sportneer Bike Lock Set Bike U Lock

30. Seatylock Mason Motorcycle U-Lock

31. Kryptonite KryptoLok Series 2 Standard Bicycle U Lock

32. ABUS Ultra 410 Bike U-Lock

33. Bike U Lock With Cable By Action Always

34. Schwinn Anti Theft Bike Lock

35. Abus Granit X-Plus 540 U Lock

36. OTTOLOCK Sidekick Compact U-Lock

37. Via Velo Bike U Lock with Cable

38. Kryptonite Kryptolok U-Lock Bicycle

39. Crystal Vision Anti Theft Loud 130db Alarm Bike Lock

40. ABUS Mini Ultra 410 Bike U-Lock

41. Master Lock 8118DPF U-Lock

42. Bike U Lock, U Cable Bicycle, U Lock with, U Shackle

43. Kryptonite Messenger Bicycle U Lock

44. Bicycle U Lock by Lasdoloda

45. OnGuard Bulldog Mini DT U-Lock

46. Bike U-Lock with Cable by Fitting Stores

47. ABUS Granit X-Plus 540 + USH Brkt Bike U-Locks

48. OnGuard Bulldog DT U-Lock and Loop Cable

49. ABUS U-Lock Granit X-Plus 540 Bike Locks

50. ABUS Granit 640 U-Lock


What is a lock mount?

Let’s suppose you are in the superstore for running errands. After that, you decide to head home. So you walked towards your bike and unlatched the u-lock.

But where would you keep it? You didn’t carry a backpack with you. And you cannot ride the bike while holding u lock at the same time.

That’s why bike mounts are used. They are like a sturdy cable. You can use it to attach your u lock with the underside of your bike seat. It will hold the u-lock while you are driving the bike.

What are the other uses of u lock?

Other than locking bicycles, they have many applications. They can be used for securing gas cylinders, money safe, luggage, helmets, etc.

Which is more secure- combination lock or key-based lock?

It depends on several factors. Do you tend to lose your keys often? If so, go for combination locks. But, combination locks can easily be decoded. Both are prone to shimming. It is done by inserting an external object into the lock to pick it. No lock is 100% secure.

What is the anti-theft protection warranty?

Some lock companies like Kryptonite provide an anti-theft protection offer. If your bike was stolen due to the damaged lock, you may be eligible for the warranty. Under it, the manufacturer will reimburse some amount of money.

Does a bike lock need maintenance?

Bike locks can be prone to rust, especially after prolonged usage. To take better care of them, put lubricating oil inside the keyhole every few months.

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