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5 Best Cyrusher Fat Tire Electric Bike [Up to 34% Discount]

Hi everyone, today I’m going to share some craziest, beautiful, and most powerful 5 Cyrucher fat tire electric bikes that giving up to 34% discount from their regular prices.

This is the best opportunity to grab this limited time offer.  This offer applied only for few top-rated and gorgeous bikes that I’m mentioning below-

5 Cyrusher Fat Tire Electric Bike With Special Discount Offers

You can visit Cyruchers’ official store here.

1. Cyrusher 48V 1000W 13ah 26 inches:

Cyrusher 48V 1000W 13ah 26 inches
Cyrusher 48V 1000W 13ah 26 inches

34% discount on this top-class rear shelf XF650 fat tire electric bike. Can drive on snow, beach, mountain, and road.

It has some great features that make it easy to ride and stylish. Used lithium battery as a power supply can give mileage up to 60 kilometers. This beach cruiser bike category bike is one of the best fat tire electric bike ever.

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Strong frame made with aluminum alloy and brushless motor. All Cyrusher fat tire electric bikes are ceFrame certified.

Previous price was $1,979.34 after 34% discount it becomes at $2,999.00. It’s a huge change for who is a plan to buy a fat tire electric bike this month. Because you are getting $1,019.66 off. So, don’t waste your time and grab this huge opportunity right now.

To know more details, price, and order this item, go here.

2. Cyrusher Upgrade XF800:

Cyrusher Upgrade XF800
Cyrusher Upgrade XF800

The bike is really cool and stylish. It has a career to carry your needs. Bafang 750W and 48V motor make it powerful and faster. 7 speeds technology with full suspension will give you a different feeling a riding eBike.

There have more features that have into others fat tire electric bikes.

Comfortable with road driving, snow, mountain & beach riding. We call it a snow fat tire electric bike.

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You’re getting off 28% from the regular price that means it’s $924 you save. So, hurry up.

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3. Cyrusher Upgrade XF800 750W 48V:

Cyrusher Upgrade XF800 750W 48V
Cyrusher Upgrade XF800 750W 48V

This Cyrusher electric fat tire bike not much different then Upgrade XF800. All functionalities and features are the same but wide-wheel road bike outdoor smart speedometer. Which will give you extra grip and speed.

All the smart feature is present in this eBike that have into others. Cyrusher makes each and every bicycle especially for long-lasting, so don’t worry about product sustainability.

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It was $3300 regular price, after 27% off you save $891.00, so why late order fast. Limited time offer, if you plan to buy a fat tire electric bike, as an electric bike reviewer I recommend you to take this.

4. Cyrusher XF800 750W 48V:

Cyrusher Upgrade XF800
Cyrusher Upgrade XF800

This is another version of Cyrusher Upgrade XF800 750W 48V. So, what is extra in this version? Yes, it’s included a Smart Computerized LCD odometer as an extra feature. It makes it easier to monitor your sped, charge, gear, and a few more things.

Previous all the features have in it as well. You can buy it with a smart discounted price which is 24%. This Mountain bicycle has a full-suspension frame. This is another recommendation fat tire electric bike.

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Regular price $3300, with price off 24% now it’s $2508.00 and you save $792.00. First-time Cyrusher giving this huge opportunity to fat tire electric bike lovers. Pick it up now and enjoy the first-class electric bike riding experience.

5. Cyrusher XF800:

Cyrusher XF800
Cyrusher XF800

We pick it from the fat tire electric bike top list. Really we love it and it’s a feature that’s why we’re sharing Cyrusher XF800 7 speed eBike. It has a smart computer speedometer that makes it smarter and best user experience.

All the features are available in this eBike should have an snow electric bike. This full-feature motor-bicycle several colors to choose, that’s why ladies and gents both can ride smartly.

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Let’s have a calculation on it’s discounted price. It was $3400.00 before the offer and now you can purchase it by $2618.00. It’s amazing you save $782.00. Doubtless, I can say this is the best deal for you to grab it right now. Any time can stop the offer. So, be quick, order it now, and enjoy the top-class fat tire electric bike riding experiences.

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  • Ships From: Your Zone. (You can see your zone from the product page)
  • Shipping availability: World-wide.
  • Warranty & Guarantee: See on the product page or Cyrusher AliExpress store.

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Up to 34% Discount on Cyrusher eBikes


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It's a huge opportunity, Cyrusher giving first time up to 34% price off on their top-class fat tire electric bikes!

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